Happy Wheels

06 Apr


Happy Wheels in a fun but violent game where you are on some kind of vehicle and you have to make it to the finish ALIVE. There are 8 different characters with their own vehicles and abilities. In Happy Wheels, there is a checkpoint, and there are major hazards in your way to get to the checkpoint. Each character is unique and can access different spaces. You can also make levels and most of the levels, if not all, are made by users, and that’s one of the things that really makes this game good.

Graphics: 4/5

The graphics in this game aren’t super good, but it doesn’t really change how fun the game is because the graphics don’t make a difference in the gameplay. This applies to a lot of games, especially computer games where people aren’t going to spend all of their time creating mind-blowing graphics. In this game, nobody cares about the graphics, and they only care about the game.

Making Your Own Map: 5/5

In Happy Wheels, a lot of the game is making your own maps and playing your friend’s map or just some random person’s map. I have made a couple of maps myself, and it is really fun because you can see all the hazards and different objects you can put in the map. My favorite object is other characters. You can put other characters in a map and you can kill them. There are endless possibilities with the maps you could make.

Game Modes: 4/5

There aren’t really that many game modes in Happy Wheels. But like in the graphics, it doesn’t effect the overall gameplay.  You don’t really need many game modes because there are so many different types of maps that people make, and they basically act as game modes. Happy Wheels doesn’t have multiplayer, but you can save your replays and you can view other people’s times so you can try to beat their time.

Gameplay: 4.5/5

The gameplay is good, but every now and then there are a few glitches and signs of lag. Sometimes, though, you find yourself wondering why that happened there but didn’t happen there, like the landing on the Segway character. When you land with him, he either breaks his legs or is fine. Now, you’d think that obviously when you jumped from a higher height, the guy would get hurt. However, you can’t really find a pattern here. But even with the wrinkles in the gameplay it doesn’t make the game any worse, just like the decent graphics and other things that weren’t so great.

Overall Rating: 17.5/20 = 87.5%

Happy Wheels is a pretty good game compared to other computer games, and I really recommend it if you are really bored and you have nothing to do.


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